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What is going to happen to the events industry after coronavirus?

It is a fact that 2020 will be remembered as the year zero for the events industry where the impact of Covid-19 forced this industry to adapt and to reassess its foundations.

Cancellations began in Barcelona with the Mobile World Congress warning the industry that currently is claiming under the slogan #WeMakeEvents and #RedAlert raising awareness in this fight the need to seek solutions due to the pandemic.

Events are the brand staging, and its essence is to connect people through the experience and its emotions to make the “show” last in their memories.

If it is not possible to gather attendees in the same place due to the safety measures, we must innovate and think out of the box to find new procedures to keep connecting with our audience.

Digital tools allow us to many possibilities, but the difference is in those brands that dare to turn their strategy and are adjusting to this new reality.

Events will recover, but it will not be the same because most people will only attend to those events that are of true value to them.

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